Booklikes and Unfollowing

Well, for sometime I have been wondering why my dashboard here is quite empty and felt it is a damn shame if people have abandoned this site.


But I actually just noticed that someone I, de facto, followed a long time ago,  I ain't following anymore.


The thing is, I haven't unfollowed that person. Not in purpose, not accidentally.


I am now making this a BIG DEAL (and hope Booklikes haven't gone all Twitter on me with unfollowing randomly behalf of me) and kindly ask that if you as a blogger have gotten used to getting my likes in daily basis (yes, I always press the like button in every goddamn post there is!), and are not getting them anymore, please inform me in the comments so I can follow you back second time.


I am sorry about the FUSS but that is basically only way of me knowing if I am missing updates from someone I should not.'