Travel Glasses - Review

Travel Glasses - Chess Desalls

This story has some interesting and imaginative elements, but overall I just didn't click with it well.

I liked Calla well enough and appreciated very much the fact that although Valcas is good looking and demonstrates a strong infatuation with her she doesn't leap into a romance with him, and has reservations.  In spite of the fact that she is attracted to him.

But there were a lot of things that I found strange and confusing.  At the start we learn Calla has been terribly betrayed by a good friend. To the point that the authorities had to get involved and she shut herself off from interacting with her peers.  However when Valcas mysteriously shows up she trusts him immediately.  After that ends up not working out so well she meets another person and trusts him.  That just didn't seem realistic, in spite of how nice they seemed to be.

Narrated in first person the reader is mostly limited to knowing what Calla knows, which leads to some confusion.  I would also have liked to have more description setting the scene.  Calla travels to many places, but we only get small bits of information about these places, what they look like, sounds, sights, it made it hard for me to picture them and feel I was there.

There are so many things in this story that I think the story became overcomplicated, and without really fleshing these things out.  For example bringing a person forward in time causes them to be a type of shade, that over time simply fades away, but doesn't effect the real person.  And I didn't understand why this was the case for others, but didn't occur to Calla.  And then there was the concept that people you visit in the past won't remember you the next day, unless there is some kind of physical reminder.  I just felt like there were a lot of interesting ideas, but too many thrown in together and most not explained very well.

Overall this one missed the boat for me, but there are elements here to like, and I enjoyed Calla's voice.  I'll be keeping an eye on this author in the future.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Netgalley in consideration of an honest review.