Audiobooks! (and it's free to sign up)

This was posted by the author, Jeremy Robinson, on Facebook and I wanted to share for those of you who love audiobooks. It is a new site called Audio Blast! and this is what it says about it:


What is this all about?

Audiobook Blast! is all about giving you free or sale-priced audiobooks from Audible, Downpour, and CDBaby. No purchase required, though for some the authors do ask you to leave an unbiased review and rating. If you can blog about it, even better!

We have 3 different programs:


Listen and Review: For these titles, you'll sign up to get a free code from Audible. You then have 2 weeks to listen to the book and leave an honest, unbiased review. Note: the author will need your email address to get this book and may follow up with you if you haven't redeemed it or written a review. This is up to the author's discretion.

Sale priced: These are titles that the author would like to promote. They may be on sale, they may be at a reduced price for Audible members, or they may just be the the first in a series that you'll ultimately love. Give something new a shot!


Whispersync Deals: Sometimes an author will discount the ebook version of their title, or even give it away for free. After you get the ebook, take advantage of a Whispersync deal and get the companion audiobook at a drastically reduced price, sometimes as low as $1.99! To learn more about whispersync,


Free and sale priced audiobooks delivered to your inbox and it is free to sign up