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Article on Goodreads Author Friendship

Just saw this posting on Twitter and followed the link back to the article.


I hope that Goodreads fixes this today or comes back to the thread and tells us why they are not.

I feel really bad that I had to unfollow so many authors I considered friends on Goodreads last week. If I haven't read your works I think it's wrong to claim I am a fan of your work. And I also don't like that when I go through my home page now I can see my other friends who are fans of an author with a huge button to also follow/become a fan of that author. 

Source: http://the-digital-reader.com/2015/03/22/goodreads-has-decided-that-there-is-no-friendzone-for-authors-and-people/#.VRAsA1KZ2Lg.twitter