Overnight, on the Internet... (24th March 2015 edition)

Reblogged from TezMillerOz:

In the past, book bloggers have been likened to the Taliban (screencaps: http://jennytrout.com/?p=8249). Overnight, book bloggers were likened to the Charlie Hebdo murderers (https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/8081281-author-s-letter).

I'm surprised, yet not. There's a history of unscrupulous authors taking the murders of other people, and somehow making it all about themselves. They've done it in the past (hello, D.S., as documented in the first link), and now they've done it again.


I'd be angrier if I weren't so filled with despair that those in the publishing industry are still NOT learning from other people's actions.