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Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate (The Immortal Descendants, Book 2) - April White

I typically don't review the second book in a series, beyond simply if I enjoyed it or not.  So I'll just say, you know that feeling when you finish a book and you feel like you're saying "good-bye" to good friends?  Yeah, that's how I felt with this one.


Enjoyed it every bit as much as the first, maybe more.  Looking forward to the next one.


I assume there must be a few people out there like me who tend to avoid books with vampire and/or shifter characters, as popular as those seem to be these days.  So for those people I'll say, those elements are handled very differently in this series than what we typically see in YA paranormal books.  So if that's the reason you're avoiding these you might still give them a try.  The first book is free for Kindle.