I am Famous!

Reblogged from MaggieC70:

Just joined an elite club over on Amazon, not because I intended to, wanted to, or rvn dreamed about such an honor, but simply because I wrote a short one-star review on a book which was nowhere near ready for public consumption. Within an hour, the wonderful trio of Kevin Weinberg, Maggie Spence, and Anne Rice jumped me, and all three doxxed me.


My Amazon name is The Just About Average Ms. M, which I've used for some time to avoid the slings and arrows of the unhinged.  But they reached back into the archives for old forum posts, found an academic book I wrote in 2001, and put it all out here, including a lively Weinberg Facebook page where he said what he was going to do. Here's the FB link. http://i.imgur.com/lJxF2XE.jpg


While I sincerely hope Ammy will deal with this, I am not counting on it.  n the meantime, I will continue to review as I see dit.


Thanks for listening.