New Guidelines For Readers

Reblogged from Nemo @ The Moonlight Library:

 JUNE 24, 2014


  • It is OK to not read the “it” book.
  • It is OK if you do read the “it” book, no matter what your reason.
  • It is OK to not like the book everyone else seems to adore.
  • It is OK to adore the book everyone else is slamming.
  • It is OK not to finish a book.
  • It is OK to take a month (or more) to read a single book.
  • It is OK to put a book down and come back to it later.
  • It is OK to read Romance novels.
  • It is OK to read Young Adult literature (or Middle Grade literature or Children’s literature) when you are an adult.
  • It is OK to not read Young Adult fiction.
  • It is OK to purchase a new book even if you still have some unread books sitting at home.
  • It is OK to only get books from your library.
  • It is OK to read ebooks only.


As for what is not OK? Shaming other readers for their reading habits.


-Reblogged from Book Riot.