Review Plagiarism

This is probably not a new issue for many of you, but I did want to bring this excellent blog post to your attention regarding reviews being stolen by unscrupulous bloggers,


Authors aren't the only ones being plagiarized


And a related issue, just brought up on the GoodReads Feedback forum, review scrapping.


As I understand it GoodReads does allow partners to use GoodReads reviews.  GR confirms these partners must abide by TOS that GR has covering that.  I also would presume there's some form of payment/agreement between GoodReads and these partners.


GoodReads users have the option to opt their reviews out of this sharing.  Meaning even these authorized partners should not be displaying any reviews for GR users who have deselected this sharing in their Settings.


Reading the Feedback thread it appears there are two problems.  The first is unauthorized sites displaying reviews they've taken from GoodReads.


The second is that apparently some reviews are displaying on authorized sites that belong to GoodReads users who have set themselves as NOT accepting/allowing this sharing of the reviews.


In the thread there are a couple links to sites doing this.  I followed one of the links and found listed several reviews by GR users I recognized.


The good news is that GoodReads does appear to take this issue seriously and say they are checking into it.


For those of you with reviews on GoodReads you might want to read that Feedback thread, verify your Settings are set as you want them in regards to this review sharing, and possibly check to see if your reviews are being reposted elsewhere without your permission and/or without authorization from GoodReads.


Here is a link to the GoodReads thread:


 GoodReads Feedback Topic: reviews being plagiarized