Blog Blackout

Mmmm, yeah. So I wanted to let you lovely guys to know that my blog is going black starting today. 



My reason is quite simply: after many, many, many months and after many, many whines and posts there is still option for a blogger to reblog reviews.


I have wrote many posts about it, and I am not gonna repeat myself anymore. Yes, I understand people do it because they want to share the awesome review. Yes, I know it doesn't bother everyone. Yes, I know messing up the database bothers even less of people, and eventually, those things do not bother me much at all, either.


I am only bothered by the fact that there is no visible credits to the original reviewer on the book pages, and the problems it can cause (and has caused) to users, including me.


I am too tired to explain, your vivid imaginations is there to do the job for me.


After waking up this morning, and once again seeing an author reblogging a review of mine to a blog that has nothing else than few promotional materials, I simply did have enough. No drama, just normal action of voting with my feet.


Anyhow, if Booklikes ever fixes this, I am happy to continue with my posting but in the meanwhile I will try and find me a new home to spend my time in. As that  is what Booklikes always felt to me; like a home.


Well, finding a new place with a wonderful reviewers and friends seems impossible, so this might be the end of my reviewing all at once but that's just something I gotta live with and find me some new interesting hobbies. 


Thank you to all of my great friends here, keep being awesome and loving what you are doing. I will keep reading and liking your posts but my blog will do the black.