Sorry I've Been Absent

I have just been busy with work and other matters. I have been trying to keep on top of my reviews but am sadly behind and there was an incident a few weeks ago that has caused me to slow down on reviews. 

Someone PMed me asking where did all of my reviews on Amazon go. Just to let others know who are curious, I deleted all of my reviews on Amazon.


After getting doxxed on Amazon a few weeks ago and Amazon's lackluster response that I won't get into here I decided that's it.


No more buying books/ebooks from Amazon and I also cancelled my Prime membership. I spent way too much money at that site to put up with the run around I got and the emails saying, well we deleted the comments so what's your problem and to keep getting passed around to at last count around 10 people.


I think in Amazon's eyes as long as they deleted a post that's all they felt was necessary to address my issue. I may go and delete my Amazon account at a later date though, but not right now. Sadly the whole thing ticked me off so much that I just couldn't get back into a reading groove. So I am just going to try to ride out my reading slump and get back to it when I feel like it's right. Which could be in a few days or weeks.   


I can say that it was 100 percent freeing to delete posts that went back to 2006. I did get to revisit some comments and smile about a couple of my earlier reviews that were in my opinion 100 percent not helpful, lol. Hey, it did take me a while to get the hang of reviews!


And I do want to thank all of the Top Reviewers on Amazon who were so helpful to a newbie like me who explained what I was doing well and not so well with my reviews specifically Jason Kirkfield, Outlaw Poet, Chandler, Maine Colonial, etc. You guys rock and I do miss chatting with you everyday on the forums.   


And apologies to any authors out there who did read my reviews (shockingly I had a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews, who knew) who may have wondered why a positive or even a critical review that they liked for one of their books disappeared suddenly. I realized that for some of the SPA authors I may have been the only review posted or just one of a handful so that has to sting.


I did think about recreating those reviews on Booklikes and Goodreads, but Goodreads didn't pull over the reviews after I tried to do it a few weeks ago and I just decided to just let it be.  


One good thing about this whole thing is that this caused me to renew my Barnes and Noble membership and I am probably going to get a Nook :-) One of my online friends told me that I could just download the Nook app to my Kindle Fire though, though I don't know if that's possible. I haven't had a chance to go and do that yet. 


I do want everyone to know that I am still going to be reviewing on Booklikes and Goodreads and I see that there have been a ton of book reviews posted that I am trying to get through today. 

Now then, what's everyone been reading?


Does anyone have any series suggestions for me? I want to start a new series since it feels like it is going to be ages before any books in the series I do read comes out. 


And who has been watching Daredevil? Are you in love with Charlie Cox too? I swoon over that guy every day now. 


O Blue