Hey everyone, the fund to help Bella is at $1,190 of the $2,000 needed, which is fantastic! But we can get them to the goal, so Bella can have her surgery. Enough people donating just $5 or $10 can get them there easy. Let's keep spreading the word - here, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter. Let's make this thing go viral! We can do this!


An update about Bella

Reblogged from Archer's Asylum:

We are so very nearly there. 


Bella has had her desexing stitches removed and Dante has been cuddling with her and grooming her.


Her infection has cleared up and she is happier and more confident.


But her hip is definitely bothering her. She can't settle because it pains her. She has to rest it when moving. She gets frustrated and it breaks my heart. 


I want so badly to make her more comfortable and see her as happy as she can be. 


This is surgery is definitely gonna be a life changer for her. 


But other than her hip and the movement issues that causes, she seems to have settled nicely. She is currently sleeping in a cat bed after having a brief exercise on hobbling back to it, but she is purring so loudly. 


I want to help her so much. Please help me to do this.