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To opt out of goodreads deals emails, don't use your email settings -- use "Deals" tab

Authored by Debbie's Spurts:

Even clicking to "unsubscribe from all emails" in your profile settings on goodreads won't remove. 


You'll need to set your preferences under "Deals" tab.


Goodreads staff haven't answered if Amazon's deals will be unique to goodreads or repeating their own emailings about daily deals, countdowns, etc.


(I'm anticipating seeing slideshows and all kinds of marketing materials touting how paying to do a Goodreads Deals email will reach 20-whatever million interested members -- without ever mentioning those members without notice or choice had their account emails subscribed to a mailing list.  Considering the completely different reception a new feature might have gotten if opt-in versus opt-out, inflating numbers during testing period ...)