On Abuse of the Power Dynamic Authors Have Over Readers/Bloggers

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I was amused when I initially posted the status update of the author who dissed bloggers getting a two-book deal.
But then I saw the reaction to the deal announcement. So much support and congratulations from authors, agents, editors, and publicists. And they supported her in her comments against bloggers, too.
That's when I felt flat, realising that maybe it's not just her against bloggers, but other authors, etc, don't respect us, either.
I did see a blogger saying she probably would have read and promoted the duology, if the author was someone else.
But on the whole, the industry seems right behind this author. It's like a secret society for the publishing elite. They look after their own. They don't welcome outsiders, such as those who don't get paid to talk about books.
I'm OK with bloggers disagreeing with bloggers, and authors disagreeing with authors. But when I see the paid industry folks punch down on those who don't get paid to talk about books...it's an abuse of power and platform.
And it's not the first time. I've seen authors target people on Tumblr. This very author advised all her followers to avoid a friend of mine the other month. I've seen former bestselling authors complain on Facebook when their new book doesn't reach the bestseller lists.
The author who dissed bloggers? She's said very smart things about gender and race in publishing before. But then she does this punching down stuff, and it's so disheartening to see all the enable her in that.
I know there are good people in the publishing industry - those of you reading this post of mine, for a start. *hugs* It's just hard not to get disappointed sometimes.
Just needed to get this out of my system. Thanks for reading. And if you ever need me to name names about the stuff I blog about, message me privately. Cliques can be dangerous when authors sic all their follows on, and blacklist, readers, so I'm not comfortable naming names publicly.
*hugs to you all*