Found A Winner!

Spider's Web - Mike Omer

‘When Kendele selected the songs for her jogging playlist, she didn’t pause to think “What if I die hearing this?” it wasn’t a question that normally occurred to her, though perhaps on that day it should have.’


If you enjoy police procedurals and murder mysteries, Spider’s Web is a solid effort in the genre.  It compares well to other, better known, books of this type.

“But death can trickle in during quiet, thoughtful moments. It doesn’t ask for permission, often sneaking into people’s minds before they notice it is there.”

We’ve got an intriguing serial killer mystery, a variety of police personnel who are well drawn and feel like real people, excellent writing, well-paced storytelling, and even the occasional bit of humor.

‘”Why are you taking your hat?” “It’s my hat”, Jacob said. He looked offended. “It’s part of my uniform. Do you go down to Traffic without your pants?” “Sometimes,” Mitchell said. “When I want them to take me seriously.”’

If the blurb sounds interesting to you I believe it’s highly likely you’ll enjoy this story.  

Reader to reader let’s be honest - finding a self-published book that can hold its own with those coming out of the big publishing houses is like finding a gem buried in a mountain of sludge.

If you’re a reader who’s taken a gamble on the self-publishing phenomenon you probably know what I’m talking about.

And when I do discover a book, like this one, that measures up in professional quality, one where I enjoy the story and the characters, one I can recommend to others with no qualifications or hesitation, my reader heart does a little happy dance.

It feels like a reward for being willing to try, taking a chance.  A chance that too often ends in disappointment.

But not this time.  This time I found myself a winner.

”He had seen something that snagged in his brain. It itched in his mind, like a mosquito bite in the subconscious.”

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.