Foul to everyone talking about bullying books. Demeaning authors and others who are actually bullied is disgusting.

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— feeling angry

Sorry to rant again, but exploring or revisiting other book sites brings this back up.  People suffer the psychological trauma and other damages from bullying, not inaminate objects.  Certainly not commercial products.


I don't mean that to offend anyone's religion if they believe that trees are sentient and still have feelings even after being chopped down and processed into furniture, books, etc.  


I do mean that no one is going around "bullying books" -- meaning repeatedly attacking with the intent to demean, harass or otherwise create psychological or physical trauma.  Please stop mocking anyone who ever suffered bullying and undermining bully prevention efforts by saying otherwise -- people get bullied, not things.


Even a star rating on a commercial product is not bullying the commercial product.  It may be bullying the author, publisher, creator or manufacturer -- but bloody hell not the inanimate object.


Posts disagreeing are very welcome -- tells me who I do not want to follow.  TOS of book sites (usually run by those with a commercial interest in the books) prohibiting "book bullying" *snort*; sites unwelcoming to those "book bullying goodreaders" ... get over it, I once got called a book bully on goodreads just by answering a question about office hours with "Pacific Standard Time" for goodness sake.


Yes, if someone, some person, is being bullied the bully will attack them everywhere they can including that person's product.  But the product is not being bullied.  Don't mock people who are bullied by saying a book suffers the same psychological trauma, that's just horribly mean and insulting.


Boy do I miss the days when authors and the rest of the book community saw us as readers, the customer.


[And please don't waste your breath recommending the book sites that put "no bullying books" or positive content only phrases right in their TOS or review policies.  I'm the one reading the book, reader, the customer, the consumer -- not the paid promoter.  I'll form my own opinions -- which frankly are very likely going to be expressed  positive anyway because I usually abandon bad books quietly.  No one tells me what those opinions have to be (sure, sites can decide what content they allow but I have no use for ones trying to control opinions).   I'm an American; no one gets to suppress my consumer speech even if I'm starting a consumer boycott. A consumer boycott of a product, incidentally, is also not bullying it.]