The Book of Kindly Deaths - Reading Progress: 20%

The Book of Kindly Deaths - Eldritch Black

Here's the guy who wrote this book:


Eldritch Black


Looks qualified to write a dark fairytale type book to me.


"On a desk in the room with the stained glass windows sat a book.

     It was a thick volume with a worn and cracked black cover showing a gold symbol, a rectangle within two circles that sparkled and flickered as if teased by ghostly fingers.  Voices whispered from inside the book, growing in volume, a few human, a few not."


Um guys.  You see that book the author is holding?  That's one creepy, mysterious book!


Then we come along to this,


"The man stood, muttering at the dull ache in his borrowed joints."


Borrowed joints??!! Um, what?  If you keep reading you find it's every bit as creepy as that sounds like it should be.


Then we meet Eliza, who I believe is the heroine of this tale.  Poor Eliza has a dreary mother, one of those practical sorts who doesn't allow things like imagination and curiosity.  Yes, I already know I don't like her much.  But perhaps she does have reasons for this sad flaw.  I will have to read more to find out.


Eliza has come with her parents to clean out her grandfather's house and catalog things of value.  As her grandfather is missing this seems a bit odd and perhaps slightly premature.


"The phantom of a forgotten memory crossed her mind.  A ghost of an event that had occurred the last time she was at this house.  Although the recollection was fleeting, she still felt an icy sting of dread."


I'm not very far yet, but so far I am enjoying this.  It's got that dark fairytale vibe, and has stories within the story.  The writing is descriptive and deliciously creepy.