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Reading Progress 4% - The Interminables

The Interminables - Paige Orwin

Didn't get much reading done yesterday, so not very far in yet.


So far I am cautiously optimistic I'll end up liking this one.


Set in a near future America after an event referred to as the "Wizard's War", and from what I gather so far is both a bit of alternate history and post-apocalyptic.


We've already had a bit of a battle, where the writing choice was a bit unusual.  The action is described there in short, vague, spurts.  I don't think I've seen something like this used before.  For me it's not necessarily a negative, I tend to skim blow-by-blow battle descriptions anyway, it's just unusual. 


And there's also already a bit of humor, which I love:


'A burst of machine-gun fire ripped through his chest.


     "I think they've seen us," he added.


     Edmund straightened his hat, only half-deafened.  He fingered his pocket watch.  Took a breath.  Smiled.  "Wholly possible," he said.'


Still trying to get my head around the world a bit, but so far I am intrigued.