Setting Aside at 21% - The Interminables

The Interminables - Paige Orwin

I'm putting this one aside for now, I'm not sure it's for me.


First of all what I do like: The characters are interesting, I like their interaction and the dry, dark humor.


The issue here for me is the writing.  It's not bad, and much of it is just fine, but in places I find it confusing and a bit disjointed.


In places the writing is in short, choppy sentences.  There have been times I had to read a sentence two or three times to understand what it was talking about.  Occasionally I still was left clueless.


A couple of times, using this technique, what had happened was unclear until it was better explained soon after.  I found that a bit frustrating.


So far there hasn't been much world-building, but I know that can work, especially considering there's much of the book left, and there was enough there that I didn't have an issue with that.


I think maybe the writing style isn't for me.  I'm putting it aside for now, may give it another try later.


Thanks to NetGalley for providing the review copy.