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Reading Progress 32%: The Assassin Game

The Assassin Game - Kirsty McKay

When I started this I noticed it had quite a few low rated reviews on Goodreads, which made me a bit nervous.


So far I'm finding it well written and interesting enough, although at this point I think it's definitely going to appeal to actual YAs rather that cross over well to us adult YA readers.


At about 1/3 of the way in the game has started, a few imaginative fake "kills" have occurred, but nothing really to suggest anything more nefarious is going on.


I am impressed with how the author shows the unsettling and possibly creepy way one of Cate's friends, Vaughan, has some serious boundary issues, as well as that off-putting way of coming off as not nice, but doing it in a way that is nice - if that makes sense.  So that it's unsure if he's up to something or just really socially awkward.


I don't trust the guy, and the author achieved that all by what he says and does, and how he says and does them.  That should be something fairly common, but sadly in this day of rampant telling-not-showing it is not.


I'm enjoying it well enough, but so far am not finding it un-put-downable, and I'm only mildly invested.  But I thing teens will find the story interesting so far.