Whoot! I read a graphic novel! Review: Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1

Mass Effect Homeworlds #1 - Anthony Palumbo

Am I one of the cool kids now?


Always had a soft spot for James, nice to get a bit of his backstory.  I wish it had been longer though, and covered other past events, such as the night Anderson convinced James to be Shepard's guard.  It's a pretty short story.  Showing James at the Citadel which I take to be when he was there at the start of ME3, then telling this story as a flashback, was a nice touch I think to tie the two together.


Although James is supposed to be a teen in this story, young enough to be referred to as a minor, old enough though to enlist in the military, he's drawn to look pretty much as he is later. A minor quibble, though.


Overall just a morsel for Mass Effect fans.  Others will have no idea who this guy is, or why we should care, or maybe even what the heck is going on.