Review: Starflight

Starflight - Melissa Landers

I'd classify this story as a Romance, rather than a Sci Fi novel.


I'm disappointed, as I was hoping for a Sci Fi adventure, even if it contained a bit of romance. At about the half way point I'd have called this a romantic caper. A lighter story than I was hoping for, with a heroine who was a mechanic and on the run, I was hoping for something a bit grittier, more adventurous, and a MC who was a bit more kick butt.


But at that point, in spite of these disappointments and some eye roll inducing moments, I was enjoying it well enough. And I thought perhaps the second half would improve my estimation. At the half way point I'd have given this a solid 3.


Unfortunately the second half became more Romancy, with our heroine and her love interest sharing a fade-to-black night of bliss, and declaring their love for each other. That I could have handled, probably, but ugh, what we had to go through to get there.


Thankfully this story avoided the typical angst ridden back and forth of so many teen romance stories. But instead we got accidental ingesting of drugs, under the influence hickeys given, plus matching tattoos. We even were treated to a night on some planet somewhere, that just happened to be having some type of festival, where there were hay rides, a barn dance, a corn maze, and a rigged shooting game, just like you'd find at state fairs or country festivals. I kid you not. Yes, presumably this place was colonized by people from Earth, but come on!


This story could have been set on present day America with just a few tweaks. By the end I was just ready to be finished. I'd rate the second half a 2.


There are bad guys, chases and narrow escapes, but it all felt like an excuse and window dressing for the romance. I found the characters likable enough, and this story certainly isn't bad. But it's going to appeal more to the Romance audience than the Sci Fi Adventure audience.