Quicky Review - Arabella and the Battle of Venus

Arabella and the Battle of Venus  - David D. Levine

Arabella and the Battle of Venus is the sequel to Arabella of Mars.  I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the first.


An adventure story with a plucky heroine and a Steampunk flair, flavors of Verne and Burroughs.  Airships in space, battles between the English and French over Venus.

Arabella is a delight, brave, independent but still believable.  And don't fear, this is not another "YA Romance disguised as Science Fiction or Fantasy". Nor it is angsty.


It's technically got a romance going in it, as Arabella is engaged and rescuing her fiancé is the premise of this adventure. But the romance doesn't overtake the plot. And, due to the genre and time period it's positively reserved in that regard.


Thoroughly enjoyed it, quite an adventure. Hopefully awaiting a next installment.

And if you enjoy this series I think you may also enjoy Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.