Reasons I Am Not More Active

There are many good things about BookLikes.  However the things I have issues with still exist, and in spite of my making requests and suggestions to Booklikes numerous times, and giving them ample time, it doesn't appear they will be addressed.

Most of these things, perhaps all of them, aren't big issues to others here.  But they are to me, and they are the reasons I rarely post any content and rarely shelve any books.


My first issue is the ridiculously outdated privacy options.  Yes, I realize these are blogs, and most enjoy having their blogs visible to everyone.  I have no such desire, nor am I comfortable with such a thing.  Which is why I think there should be user options to set our blogs to Followed and Following only, if we wish.  As it is the most I can do is set it to BL members only. Better than nothing, but not good enough for me to feel comfortable posting as I please.


The other major issue I have is the fact that we still cannot block BL users without first Following them, which is beyond ridiculous.  Additional to this is the fact that we cannot control who Follows us until after they Follow us.  And even then we cannot simply remove them, we must Block the poor person who has done nothing wrong, but has simply Followed someone who doesn't wish to be Followed by people they don't know in some capacity.


I believe we should have an option, if we choose, to approve a Follow request, or deny it.  We don't.


As long as these things remain as they are I'll pop in and enjoy keeping in touch with those here I wish to stay in touch with. And I'll post an occasional review or post as I have, but I won't be actively posting content or sharing my thoughts much. I want to be the gatekeeper of who does and who does not see what I share.  And sadly BookLikes does not allow me that choice.


Again, I realize these aren't issues for a lot of people, and everyone has opinions, comfort levels and ways they enjoy interacting here. This is my view, and my reasons.