Anne Rice Sounds Off - Again - About 'gangster-thug "reviewers"'

In a post today to her Facebook Fan page, Anne Rice again opines about 'gangster-thug "reviewers'", the closing of the Amazon forums, encouraging others to vote on reviews and report "abuse", as well as promoting a blog article by author Anne R. Allen on the topic.


I apologize for the wall of text, Ms. Rice apparently is not a fan of paragraphs.  I'll provide links below both to this FB post and to Ms. Allen's blog article. I encourage you to read Ms. Allen's article, as well as the comments posted in response to it, as well as AR's FB post.


Here is the text of Ms. Rice's post,  


'Long & interesting article by Anne R. Allen on the Amazon gangster-thug "reviewers" who game the system to write phony reviews of authors they famously hate (often for a purely stupid personal reason), up vote negative reviews, and down vote good ones, and otherwise seek to confuse and mislead the book customer regarding the targeted author --- all for their own spiteful purposes. ---- Remember, when you buy on Amazon, you are asked if reviews you're reading are helpful. Taking the time to vote honestly on reviews is a good thing. You never know to what extent the gangster-thugs are campaigning against an author. --- When you see a book that has a very high rating on Amazon with dozens of positive reviews --- yet some negative screed holds the place of "top review" or "most helpful review" you're likely witnessing campaign voting and gaming. Again, take time to vote "helpful" on those reviews that do truly help you. And don't hesitate to report "hate" reviews when you see them. Look for the "Report Abuse" option & do it. --- I shop a lot on Amazon, but mostly for nonfiction or Tolstoy. So I don't run into these thugs all that much when I'm buying; but boy, do they do damage to young & indie authors. ---- They have also done considerable damage to some bestselling authors. Fortunately, I'm not one of them, though not because they don't try. They're furious that I've publicly exposed them. But I'm blessed with a very large audience & the genuine views, both negative and positive, outnumber the transparent thug attacks. ---- I hope Amazon wakes up to this and really does something. Books are different from other "products." And this needs attention. --- Cleaning off the Amazon Forums was a good move. The gangsters have no official site now on Amazon to call up the online lynch mobs and publicize the target of the week. But I suspect they've migrated to Goodreads. And they have their own hate blogs which do reach a handful of other gangster supporters. ---- Anyway.... the book world is a beautiful and blessed world, as I see it, made up of genuine human beings who love books, love writing them, love reading them, and sometimes generously & honestly reviewing them. Authors are humbly grateful for this, for the honest negative review as well as the honest positive one. The gangster thugs don't deserve a place at the table in this world, and I look forward to Amazon hiring some actual warm bodies to get rid of these malicious & destructive individuals once and for all. On to other topics.'


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