I'm Doing It! Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

Although I've been a lifelong and veracious reader, along with having a healthy and active imagination, I have never tried my hand at creative writing until recently.


For a long time I've had snatches, bits and pieces, of a story, an idea, but not enough to turn into a cohesive whole, a story. An actual plot.  So, I've never tried actually doing so.


A while ago I played around with writing a bit of fan fiction, just for fun, just for me.  And I had fun with it.  Parts turned out fairly well, I think.  The best part was just in getting me writing something, just trying and playing around with it. Practice.


Well, that made me decide it was time to do the same with my story idea. Even if nothing comes of it, or all I end up with are a couple scenes I can't do anything with. It's still writing, and it's still practice. And maybe someday, just maybe, I might get to the point where I come up with something I think is worth sharing with others.  But even if not I can enjoy getting these ideas I have out of my head and down on (virtual) paper where they belong.


I've never taking any creative writing classes either. So I am a complete and total newbie. So far I have a paragraph, one I've rewritten and altered multiple times lol.