I survived Christmas, hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

Number of books I got for Christmas: 0


Number of Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift cards I got for Christmas: 0


My best presents: a pair of fuzzy socks and a pack of different flavored lip balm.


Yeah, I got other stuff, but those are the ones I actually like and will use. This is pretty typical of my Christmases. I don't really care about stuff, or what I get or whatever, and I love my family. But it's kinda a bummer when they just don't get me. :(


(And, there are two other big readers among them, both with similar taste in books as mine, so that's not the issue.)


My sister is the absolute worst, has always been, always gets me something she has noooooooooo reason to think I'd like. But, she hates me, so that's not that surprising.


She got me a pretty silver bracelet and an ugly t-shirt.  She's never, ever seen me wear silver, because silver looks like crap on me and I don't wear it.  I'm perfectly fine with inexpensive gold-look stuff.  Secondly, I don't really bother with jewelry much anymore, and she hasn't seen me wearing any jewelry in years, and even when I did rarely did I wear bracelets, cuz I find them kind of bothersome.  Earrings were more my speed.


My sister has never seen me wear a t-shirt with something written on it either.  Literally never.  I very rarely wear this type of t-shirt out and about, and the few I will wear are things I really, really like. Not just any old thing.


But, my sister has never put any thought into gifts she gets me. Ever. And I would not be at all surprised if she intentionally got me things she knew I wouldn't really like but would pass the "appearance" of being a good present, so she didn't look like a jerk to the rest of the family.  She does this kind of manipulative, passive aggressive, thing to me a lot in other ways, so it would not at all surprise me.


Anyway, in spite of that I was able to have a nice time with relatives who aren't my sister.  So, that's nice and what is really important.