Yet Another Petition for GoodReads to Change to Suit Entitled Authors

EDIT: The petition has been deleted. Original post below:




Another petition has been created asking GoodReads to make changes in it's policies to suit authors.  As this petition comes fairly soon after a recent incident, where one author resorted to threatening legal action against a reviewer, I have a pretty good idea about the source of this petition.


Here is the text of the petition:


It's time for a change in GoodReads. Be a site for authors as well as readers and monitor what happens on your site.

-Nasty comments in reviews should NOT be allowed.

-Spoiler posts should be deleted.

-Rating a book without reviewing shouldn't be something happening.

-The continual harassment of authors by reviewers should result in banning said reviewers.

-Harassment of a reviewer by an author should result in banning said author.

-Disgruntled reviewers encouraging their friends to ruin an author should be STOPPED. Why is it even tolerated?

Authors don't have to be a part of GoodReads and without our books, GoodReads wouldn't exist. Authors don't have to give out free books to review only to say one wrong thing and be attacked. As authors we are expected to bite our tongue as reviewers sometimes shred us to pieces yet if one author speaks up, we are attacked, ridiculed, and our careers are often ruined publically and GoodReads ALLOWS it. It's time for that to stop.

Please be a part of the movement in creating respect. Remind people that their every negative opinion does NOT need to be publically heard. Manners shouldn't be a thing of the past and just because you hide behind a screen as you type, doesn't mean your words can't ruin someone. It's time to finally start thinking before we speak. Respect goes both ways.