Reading Update: Erebos

Erebos - Judith Pattinson, Ursula Poznanski

'“This is Erebos. Who are you?”

Nick made a quick decision. He would choose the same name he had already used in a few other computer games.

“I am Gargoyle.”

“Tell me your name.”


“Your real name.”

Nick was stunned. What on earth for? Fine. He would supply a first name and a last name so he could finally move on.

“Simon White.”

The name was there, red on black, and for a few seconds nothing happened. The cursor just blinked.

“I said—your real name.”

Nick stared at the screen in disbelief. Once more he had the feeling that someone was staring back.

He took a deep breath and had another go.

“Thomas Martinson.”

There was no response for a moment, and then the game answered.

“Thomas Martinson is incorrect. If you wish to play, tell me your name.”'


Whoa! The game not only asks for his real name, but knows when he gives one that isn't his real name. Creepy!!