Review: Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars

Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars - Alberto Varanda

A little boy, and his friend, a talking snail.

I was confused by this at first until I realized it's not a story, at least not one cohesive story.  Instead it's a collection that ranges from single images and text on a page that stand alone, a page with multiple panels on a page, with the page being a self-contained idea, and a short story told across several pages.  Some ideas are returned to later in the book, as continuations of something presented earlier.  Reminiscent of a collection of newspaper comic strips.

Once I got the hang of it and the rhythm I found this completely charming.

Included is a bit of boy potty humor.


A young crush.

Imaginings about the moon.

And a warning about what can happen if you read too fast, if you've invented a flying book that is.

Likely to delight young readers, with enough whimsy and humor to charm grown-ups.

I received a free expiring copy from NetGalley.