Reading Progress: 39% - The Hounds of Autumn

Hounds of Autumn - Heather Blackwood

Really, this is only "Sci Fi" in the very strictest sense. What this truly is, is a Murder Mystery. So far I see no reason Mystery lovers wouldn't enjoy it, as long as they enjoy Historical Mysteries set in Victorian times. And can tolerate airships and "mechanicals".


I really appreciate Chloe here, and her relationship with her husband. It does a good job of balancing the attitudes and actions of a woman who is more independent and free thinking, and a husband who is understanding and indulgent about it, with understanding of at least outward submission to the sensibilities of the time to some degree.

It's not jarringly anachronistic in that regard as some historicals.


And I enjoy their relationship, which is one of friendship that grew over time, and similar interests, not great passion.