Reading Progress 55%: The Syndicate

The Syndicate (Timewaves Book 1) - Sophie  Davis

Due to a Kindle App snafu I've lost all my highlights for this book up to this point. Grrr.


So far I've noticed a couple minor editing errors, but no more than you might find in a traditionally published novel.  One continuity error, but it was something extremely minor and unimportant.  So, not perfect, but it's ok on that score.


A few logic problems, well, to me they were logically questionable, due to playing around with time. But that's not uncommon in time travel stories.  I think those could have been explained so they made sense a bit better, but nothing worthy of real complaint.  They also were regarding relatively minor things.


Overall, I'm really enjoying it. The story is engaging and interesting, the writing is good, and I like the characters.  Most of the story is taking place in 1920's Paris, so that's fun.


And there's a killer on the lose!