Reading Progress: Atlic 22%

Atlic - Sophie  Davis

Warning - Spoilers for the first book, The Syndicate....



The last book ended with Stassi becoming involved with a love interest, which was slow burn and very sweet.  I very much appreciated the fact that unlike most YA, there wasn't relationship angst, other than some due to circumstances.


Now at the beginning of this book she's giving the guy a bit of the cold shoulder, for no reason. It's a bit jarring, and it's definitely annoying.  Well, eventually we got a bit of a reason, but it's completely stupid, and she's being 100% unreasonable.  I'm hoping this gets cleared up fast or I'm going to start losing interest. Right now it's just pissing me off.  The first book did so well avoiding all the things that annoy me when a YA book insists on including a romance.  I really, really don't want to find them here.