BBA Ms. Vidal, Part 3

Ms. Vidal has now posted the following on her Facebook page:



I have redacted personal identifying information regarding one of the reviewers she complains about. It disgusts me that she posted it.


And now she apparently is considering further harassment of this person:



Un-fucking-believable.  I'm thinking it's time to ensure Amazon is aware of the degree to which she is willing to harass this person over a negative book review.




She has also restored her post Trolls on the Internet and Negative Reviews to her live blog,


It is not at all strange that having removed her account that GoodReads has also deleted her review activity on the site.  That is typical. It is also not strange that GoodReads has left up an author page for her, and a listing of her books.  As most of us are aware, remove informational listings of authors and their books is unrelated to whether or not that particular author has a GoodReads account.  Obviously Ms. Vidal is quite in the dark about several fundamental things regarding the site.


I know she doesn't know what the term "troll" actually means, her blog post proves that. As I've already explained elsewhere.   I certainly am not going to trust her, I don't find her a credible source.


Edited to add: Wanna take bets how long it takes her to delete this response:



Edited to add: She has now deleted the above response from her FB page (surprise, surprise), and posted the following update to her blog post (she seems completely incapable of getting her facts straight - which is enough to cast doubt on the historical accuracy of her novels):