Vidal Update: Feb 14, 2018 #2

EDIT: She's edited her "update" to add the following at the end, "But honestly, I know of few other historical fiction novels that have undergone such scrutiny as if they were post-graduate theses."


I've updated the screen shot.


The "discussion" she refers to here is Ms. M.'s review of one of her books, and comments on that review.  The first link is to a screen shot of this. I prefer to provide a link to the review, and the comments, on Amazon.  If you'd like to see her screen shot you can do so from the link she gives on her blog (I suggest using a proxy server if you visit her blog.  I've posted a link to it previously, but you can PM me if you want it and don't want to hunt for it.


I do see why she preferred to provide a screen shot rather than a link to this review on  Amazon, as her screen shot shows the latest comment to be that of Robyn posted 56 seconds ago on the screen shot (I think we can guess who brought this to her attention).  Looking now Amazon shows that comment posted 5 days ago, to which Ms. M. has responded. Looks like Vidal wanted to give her pal the last word.


Here's the link:


Now, I don't know anything about this "Bodleian Library" at Oxford, although Ms. M. states in the comments of that review they are plural, not singular, and also states,


I'm gonna believe Ms. M. However, as Ms. Vidal conveniently provided a link to the library/libraries website I thought I'd just take a look: