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End Game: Fallen Empire, Book 8 - Lindsay Buroker

"Alisa looked wistfully in the direction Leonidas had gone, wishing Jelena would approach him at some point. She felt certain that he would volunteer an arm as sturdy as a metal bar for gymnastics purposes."



(I'd credit the artist but I've been unable to track this pic to the original source.  It's fan art for the Mass Effect game, but I thought it fit well here.)


I am enjoying this final installment of the series, but reading is bittersweet because it brings me closer to the end and it'll be OVER!  I can see this series becoming one of my comfort re-reads, characters that start to feel like friends.


There's action here, but this one also brings us closer to some real heart, with the relationship between Alisa, Leonidas, and Jelena.