BL Non Existant Privacy and User Control

As long as Booklikes refuses to allow me to control who sees my pages, reviews, shelves, etc. I won't be posting reviews or much content here.


I've seen others say BL is very responsive to users, but so far they have ignored me.


I have zero desire for my posts to be accessable to anyone with an Internet connection. 


So, I came, I gave it a try, and I find BL worse than Facebook or Goodreads when it comes to privacy and users having control over their own content, and as theirs are far from stellar that's saying something.


I absolutely hate it and I am not impressed with the complete unresponsiveness and lack of service.


Love all of you Following and Followers, but I won't be doing much here without some serious improvements.


If you're interested in my reviews, ratings, etc., you can find me on Goodreads.  There's a link over on the left.