Best Pairing of Words and Pictures

McElligot's Pool - Dr. Seuss

This was a tough choice.  I can think of many books to choose for this one.  I settled on a lesser known childhood favorite of mine.  One of the few Dr. Suess books I didn't myself own.  Enjoy.



 "Some fish from the Tropics, all sunburned and hot,

   Might decide to swim up!

                                   Well they might...

                                   Might they not?

    Racing up north for a chance to get cool,

    Full steam ahead for McElligot's Pool!"




"Or I might catch a fish

  From a stranger place yet!

  From the world's highest river

  In far-off Tibet,

  Where the falls are so steep

  That it's dangerous to ride 'em,

  So the fish put up chutes

  And they float down beside 'em."