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Best Pairing of Words and Pictures

McElligot's Pool - Dr. Seuss

This was a tough choice.  I can think of many books to choose for this one.  I settled on a lesser known childhood favorite of mine.  One of the few Dr. Suess books I didn't myself own.  Enjoy.


McElligot's Pool Video


Fish from the Tropics


 "Some fish from the Tropics, all sunburned and hot,

   Might decide to swim up!

                                   Well they might...

                                   Might they not?

    Racing up north for a chance to get cool,

    Full steam ahead for McElligot's Pool!"




"Or I might catch a fish

  From a stranger place yet!

  From the world's highest river

  In far-off Tibet,

  Where the falls are so steep

  That it's dangerous to ride 'em,

  So the fish put up chutes

  And they float down beside 'em."