Author Ian Hutson Appears To Be Rethinking His Knee-Jerk Slam on Goodreaders and Amazon reviewers.

As you're probably aware, author Ian Hutson posted an attack piece on his blog a couple of days ago calling Goodreads and Amazon reviewers bullies and comparing us to hyenas on a feeding frenzy.  Because we didn't try to talk to Maggie before going on an "attack'.  "All" she did was "ask an innocent question", blah, blah, and further complete fabrications of the actual incident.  Unfortunately I didn't save a screen shot, although a small portion is still visable via his Goodreads Author profile,


And I do have this,



It's been noticed today that Ian Hutson is no longer a Goodreads Author, and this article on his blog has been removed (although still partially displaying on the GR author page as noted above)