Maggie Spence Finally Admits Her Book Has Some Issues

"Thank you for pinpointing it, Outlaw. I've struggled with the YA tag since the beginning but not sure what to do. I've had both positive and negative on the pov jumps but agree it needs some work. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you so much! I hope to rewrite, re-edit, and republish, soon. Any other insights you can add are sincerely welcomed."


OutlawPoet then gives her some good advice (similar to what authors and readers have been trying to tell her all along),


"I've now taken the time to read the one star reviews on the book. I don't think I've said much that was very different from some of what I read there. Different reviewers have different criteria for one stars. I would not give it one star, but it needs a lot of work.

Now I'll give my opinion on your drama.

Not everyone will like your book. And not everyone will look past its issues to read the whole thing. But you, as an author, must deal with that professionally. In spite of La Rice's comments on careerist reviewers, we aren't.

I'm a mother and a reader who loves books and likes to voice her opinion. You are the professional. You don't have the freedom of La Rice to act like the flea ridden backside of a donkey. You are still building your brand and unless you write bad girl books, you can't act as a badly behaved author. SPAs are discovered by mainstream houses all the time, but if your rep makes you out to be a liability, they won't want to work with you.

La Rice makes millions for her publisher. She can act that way. You can't.

Calling a reviewer at home has one effect. It makes people reluctant to review your work."


And of course Maggie reacts to that as she typically has, although does refrain from her typical name calling like "bully", "troll" and "psychotic",


"Ouch. Here I thought you were independent and just a really insightful reviewer. I checked your profile and loved that your reviews include books and Barbie ponies and cupcake stuff. I thought you were just jumping in randomly but now I see where the grain of salt gets added. Why do you include yourself with the carpet bombers? Ewww. You may not hang out with them regularly but you stroked them with that remark about their 1* reviews, not quite agreeing but careful not to anger them. Then you toss in the "LaRice" comments and make sure I know where you stand with her. Thanks for the lecture about BBA, it confirms a great deal about you. I like how you close with the warning about people reluctant to review my work when, in fact, there was a great deal of interest in reviewing my work. They just didn't take the time to read it first. The company you keep does matter. You would be wise to look around."