Most Contraversial

The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Alex Haley, Malcolm X

This was a tough choice for me, but then again it was pretty easy.


I read a lot of different kinds of books.  Sci Fi, Fantasy and Mysteries mostly.  But also History, Historical Fiction, True Crime. But books that would be considered "controversial", not really.  How many books are truly that controversial, other than a few some minority of people think shouldn't be in school libraries or something.


But, I read this one. And Malcom X certainly was a controversial figure.  And I read it back when I was in high school.  In my place and time it was certainly a controversial book, especially for a teen girl like me to be reading.


I found it very interesting.  Not full of ideas and beliefs I agree with, but still interesting to learn about another person, how they thought, why they thought it, who was so very different from me.


I think it can be important, and enlightening, to give an honest listen even from someone we know from the start thinks very differently than we do about many things, and are likely in the end to still not agree with.


So, I give you my most controversial read.  The Autobiography of Malcolm X.